Our steps to Superhope.


Imagination in children goes a long way! When children imagine, they develop a beleif system in which they see the world in, and we want to keep them on it! Especailly when a child is faced with a disease, it's the most time the power of imagination comes to play. What Superhope does is support children with cancer maintain a positive outlook on life by re-instilling a beleif of super powers they have. Beleiving in super powers in turn boosts a child's positive mental attitude, and re-creates a beleif system in which the children see themselves as Superheroes after a disbeleif due to their diagnosis. The way this is done by engaging them in their transformation from start to end, on its own has super powers that go beyond just the duration of their Superhope experience, it builds a long-term skill that will come to benefit them in later stages in life.

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