Superhope transforms children battling Cancer into their very own Superheroes with the aim of boosting their positive mental attitude.
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The Power of Imagination has the power to heal millions of children battling cancer worldwide. We're on a mission to make that a reality.



Your Purchase not only looks good but helps us transform more children into Superheroes. #SuperStuff

From Pain to Power.
We guide our heroes toward their super strengths.


Our Villain, Cancer

One of our main pillars at Superhope is never to discuss Cancer with any of the children we work with, Superhope and the Superverse we live in is a positive zone but its important to know what it is that we're fighting. Here are some stats about our villain, Cancer.

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The Transformation

It all starts by asking our children, "If you were a superhero, how would you imagine yourself". From there the real magic starts and the power and energy begins to form, watch how we take imaginations and turn them into reality.

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Positive Mental Attitude

The mind is everything, its our world, its our guide, how what we tell it to do is what will happen. Its with that thought that we've made our our mission to help the children we work with to achieve the super positivity as a weapon against any negativity within their system.

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Comic-Con,, SuperNewsLive, these are just a few of the amazing Super-Partners that have joined us in helping to turn this dream into a reality. They are the ultimate team of believers that keep us going strong.

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The Creative Community.
Using their talents for good.

The Fashion, Film & Tech communities unite to provide the creative tools needed to make Superhope happen.

Are you a creative that wants to use your talents for good? Join the SUPERVErse by Sending us your portfolio and lets make magic together!


Brands + Superhope = Magic

We work with brands and studios to create both products and experiences to help fuel our initiative. Purchasing our super cool products or buying a ticket to an upcoming event aren’t only awesome things to do but in doing so you’re supporting our mission to transform kids battling cancer into the worlds most epic superheroes and helping them on the road to recovery.

Are you a brand that would like to be a part of the SuperVerse? Get in touch!

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