Why It's Everything.

Simply put; it's positive thinking.

  • Studies have shown that cancer patients with a positive attitude, can manage and endure much more than those who dont. So it is without a doubt that our mission is to boost these kids positive mental attidtude by unleashing their imagination of what super powers they have, and bringing it to life with a team of talents. As a result, the child's transformation into a Superhero creates a positive thinking that has miraculous results:
  • . It is your first line of defense. A low mood translates to a negative attitude, translates to a weak body! Patient or not, if a negative attitude takes over the mind and body, there's not much left to fight a dis-ease! We work on reversing that by boosting the kids and their families attitude so everyone is empowered to try and beat cancer!
  • 2. A PMA has been proven to improve the pateints quality of life. How? When the outlook on life is positive, then life is truly positive, as simple as that. Empowering the kids to beleive in thier inner positive powers, then their life is made up of positive powers, and that's a super power that works wonders for the patient & caregivers alike.
  • 3. It helps the patient build a skillset to use later in life. Fredrickson; a positive psychology researcher at the University of North Carolina, refers to this as this as “broaden and build” theory, meaning that positive emotions broaden the childs sense of possibilities, which help build skills to survive and resources to thrive. This in return provide value in other areas of the childs' life.