Our Heroes

Meet the incredible Superheroes that make up the SuperVerse. All Kapowing Cancer one Supersuit at a time.

Abdeen 1.jpg


A special kid from the block who’s play-time exceeded the imagination of all other kids. Sly spends his time in his room creating outfits to play superhero characters he’d develop. His latest one was his favorite, and that one came into reality. Sly created a metallic suit that drew his friends attention. But the real attention lies in his super power shooting out metallic banana-shaped peels so that the bad guys could slip, fall, and slow down till Sly catches them and protects his town from any harm.

Omar 1.jpg


It’s no wonder he turned out to be the Kicker! He used to kick a lot as a baby, always energetic and super active! One day, right outside his school, he saw two teams playing soccer, and to everyone’s surprise he asked if he could join the losing team, but to everyone’s even BIGGER surprise - Kicker would kick the ball so powerfully each time & score goals for the losing team. Kicker knew he wanted to use his power for good, and he made it his mission to always join the weaker teams & help them win their games.

Group 3.jpg


This young boy knew he was different than his classmates. Each Arts & Sciences class, he’d be the first to develop his project without guidance from his teacher. His ultimate Super Project was a toy he developed that releases Super Bubbles in the shape of Fireworks. The bubbles that would pop on top on his friends heads, would inspire that child to developing his/her next Arts & Science project, but no one would possess Fiery’s real Super Power.

Group 6.jpg


Always jumping on a trampoline with his arms raised up, Hand Head wished he could have a third hand on his head that would help him pick Super foods from a tall tree his father planted in their garden. He knew that if he imagined hard enough, he will one day develop a Hand Head, and so he did! This encouraged his dad to plant more Super foods so that Hand Head could pick them and distribute them with his dad to the neighborhood.

Abdullah 1.jpg


He may be the youngest Superhero, but his super power is so strong. Tiger appears to be a young boy to fool dangerous men from hurting him. In there presence, Tiger twirls and spins so quickly right before their eyes, transforming into his Super character to fight against them and knock them down! Yo bad guys, go mess with someone your own size ;)

Group 2.jpg

The Light

When the world gets dark, you can count on The Light to light it up. Her super power comes from her belief that no one should live in the dark, and that everyone deserves a bright and joyful day. You can see The Light coming your way from a distance as her long and wavy violet hair begin to brighten the sky over the town she’s landing in, then voila! The Light brings light to you.

Group 4.jpg


Born to be Super! Super Girl wow’d her parents at a young age with her Shooting Stars Forearms! Her Superpower to cut things in half from a distance gained her popularity in her neighborhood - who often needed Super Girl to protect them by cutting dangerous objects from a distance before landing in their town.

Group 7.jpg


When Princess Massy was 1 year old, each time she’d laugh, she’d develop illuminated wings that would light up the room. At first - unfamiliar to this Super Power, her siblings were afraid. Up until Princess Massy’s 3rd birthday was she able to grant illuminated wings to everyone in the room who laughed with her. Super Massy had two powers in one; Power of Laughter that gave the power of illuminated wings.

Dania 1.jpg


A dreamer, and a believer in true girl power. Violet's latest dream was to help all the girls find their inner power to help them succeed. Violet realized that in order to instill that power in other girls, she’ll need to represent that power from head to toe because she knew people believe only what they see. With the help of her mom, they hiked many hills till they found the perfect stick which they turned into a magical wand. With that wand, Violet would tap the shoulder of any girl who was in need to regain her inner power. So if you feel you’ve lost yours, call out for Violet.

Group 1.jpg


As a young girl, LH8 would imagine blowing glitter in her hair to let it grow in any style she wanted. She imagined an infinite world of sparkles and happiness not just for her, but for all her friends too. On her 6th birthday LH8 blew out her candles made from glitter, her super power became real, and her friends hair changed to the styles they really wanted, that’s when LH gained the infinite symbol to her name LH8 for the Infinite Sparkle Power she now has.

Group 5.jpg

Super Flash

Super Flash’s super power was developed from a series of stories he’d written in his diary. His stories revolved around him flying super fast to outer space, catch a super star and come back to earth. Each super star that Super Flash would catch was used to heal sick children in his town. Even when Super Flash felt a little weak, he’d have enough power to fly, catch a super star for himself, and regain strength that would last him for a long time.

Group 8.jpg


She imagined to grow tall and so she did. She imagined to run fast, and so she did. People called her XLR8 because she’d arrive at a place faster than a storm lightning would! XLR8 used her super power to deliver goods to people from town to town that otherwise would take weeks to arrive. The neighborhood showed her appreciation by customizing a powerfully lit pendant that would shine from far away, and help the people prepare for her arrival with open arms.

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