Super Partners

Our incredible partners believed in us, believed in our vision and help us create the building blocks which make up the SUPERVErSe. Our world wouldn't be as incredible without them.

Here are a few that we're proud to have collaborated with.

Screenshot 2017-11-20 16.35.49.png


Comic-Con needs no introduction! They are 


Metaio was founded in 2003 in Munich, Germany by Thomas Alt and Peter Meier. The company grew out of an internal project within Volkswagen that received a German grant the founders used to bootstrap their enterprise. In 2005 Metaio released the first end-consumer AR app which allowed the user to put virtual furniture in an image of their living room.

We met the team behind Metaio and they loved what we were doing, they came and joined our campaign with the heroes from Stanford Childrens and created super cool AR heroes out of them! Right after our collaboration Apple bought the company. Could it be because of our Super collab? Who knows :D


Toil & Tinker

Founded by three passionate designers who share a mutual passion for print, creative studio Toil & Tinker knows about the value of print and has continued to build a supportive community for independent artists and print aficionados since its inception in 2014. The team behind Toil & Tinker supported our printing needs and went all in to help us launch our first campaign. These guys are our Super OG Partners.