Our Vision

The Power of Imagination.


Superhope started with a thought, if we can use the power of our minds to create the world we live in, then why can't we use that same power to alter the world within. I wish I knew how to articulate these words to my Grandma who had cancer, but I was too young! Had she known how to boost her positive mental attitude (PMA) and gain a positive outlook on life, who knows - perhaps she could have prolonged her life & maybe still with us today! I grew from grief, which helped grow my belief in the power of our minds and how it affects the reality we choose to live in. Someone may have cancer in the body, but if the mind decides to alter that reality, then the mind sees no cancer at all. I was set on unleashing this power to all.

When I met Basma for the first time, I learnt  about her work with cancer patients alongside her psychologist friend whom both had a passion to reassure patients of their strength to fight this disease. I knew then we were bound to create something powerful together, and so we did. Superhope was born. Superhope started as an initiative to design positive experiences for children with cancer to empower them to fight the disease. We wanted to steer away from traditional means of support, and instead use creativity for good. Superhope combines top notch talents that bring children's imagination of Superheroes to life. The result? These children's PMA is boosted, their reality is shifted, and their road to recovery is strengthened. There are REAL Superheroes.


Tarik Batal
Executive Director, Superhope

Superhope Founders Basma Masri & Tarik Batal. 

Superhope Founders Basma Masri & Tarik Batal.